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Red Sea Tours

Trips to the Red Sea are popular holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world. The Red Sea is known for its beautiful beaches and warm turquoise waters , as well as for its wealth of coral reefs, which are a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Trips to the Red Sea are especially popular in Egypt, where there are tourist resorts such as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. In these places you can find many hotels and resorts that offer everything from luxurious spas to animation and entertainment for children.

Another popular Red Sea destination is Jordan, where you can see ancient cities such as Petra and Wadi Rum, and enjoy beaches and water sports. In Israel, on the northern coast of the Red Sea, there are such popular resorts as Eilat and Netanya.

During trips to the Red Sea, you can practice many water sports, such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kite surfing. They are ideal for those looking for an active holiday on the beach. You can also explore and learn about local culture and history by visiting sites such as ancient cities and museums.

Regardless of whether a trip to the Red Sea is a holiday rest or an active holiday, it will certainly be an unforgettable experience full of sunny days, beautiful beaches and warm waters. It is an ideal place for those who are looking for rest and relaxation, as well as for those who want to spend their time actively.

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Tours from Hurghada (Attractions)

Hurghada is the most famous seaside resort in Egypt and is home to the best stretches of the Red Sea coast, the best hotels, many optional excursions and the best diving spots.

Yes, tours from Hurghada can be one of the best adventures you will ever experience, and there are great resorts around the city. The beaches of Egypt’s Red Sea coast are absolutely beautiful in many places.
At sea, the warm waters of Hurghada are crystal clear and teeming with marine life.

You can laze on the white sands and enjoy the simple holiday life at an all-inclusive seaside resort. You can also learn to dive, you can tackle wrecks deep underwater.

and don’t forget the beautiful Orange Bay and the wonderful Paradise Island , optional excursions from Hurghada to these two islands will be exactly what you are looking for.

You can also venture into the desert on quad bikes and safaris.
There is much to experience and inspire your Hurghada Tours , at Red Sea World Travel . We are here to fulfill all your dreams of Hurghada Tours.

Wycieczki z Hurghady.
hurghada wycieczki po polsku

The best things to do when you think of Hurghada Tours

The best things to do when you think of Hurghada Tours

Beaches are always one of the best things to do in Hurghada , because it is the ultimate seaside resort after all.
Hurghada has grown from a sleepy little fishing village into a tourist hub on the Red Sea as long stretches of glorious white sands can be found all along the coast. therefore all tourists prefer tours from Hurghada .

you can also visit the beautiful Giftun Islands. A short boat ride from the marina, this small group of offshore islands is perhaps the area’s most spectacular natural feature.

The rugged islands are surrounded by crystal clear water that shimmers turquoise in the bright sun. You can lounge on the beach, hike the rocky plateaus and snorkel the coral reefs.

You can join our organized tours from Hurghada that will take you to all these wonderful places, with the best English travel guide, our quality services and of course at the lowest prices .
With Red Sea World Travel – you will get the best ever excursions from Hurghada.

Are you looking for a tour from Hurghada to Cairo and Luxor?

When you think about going to Egypt, especially Hurghada tours , the best thing you can imagine is a nice trip to Cairo and Luxor . Where in Cairo you will find the Pyramids , the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo.
On the other hand, when you go to Luxor, the scenic views take you from ancient civilizations to the world of the ancient Egyptians and the time of the pharaohs (Valley of the Kings – Temple of Karnak – and Queen Hatshepsut.

Luxor , the world’s largest open-air museum, has stunning architecture, a rich ancient Egyptian history, and the tombs of many of the country’s notable pharaohs. Walking through the ruins and tombs of the pharaohs in Luxor is like stepping back thousands of years in time.

So when considering Optional Trips from Hurghada . Cairo and Luxor are among the most beautiful, exciting and fun. in Cairo you find history that draws you into all the stories of the past, you stand in front of one of the seven ancient wonders of the world and you really enjoy the wonderful atmosphere on the great Nile.

If you want to take a leisurely route and see all the sights as well as spend some time on a hot air balloon or Nile cruise, consider spending the best Hurghada Tours with our travel agent ( Red Sea World Travel ) for optional tours from Hurghada and Maras Alam – Egypt.

Marsa Alam - wycieczki z Hurghady
Hurghada wycieczki do przyjaznego miasta Asuan

Hurghada tours to the friendly city of Aswan

Spread along the banks of the Nile, Aswan is a peaceful and friendly city that provides a peaceful retreat. when you choose optional trips from Hurghada . Aswan one of the best choices.

Once ancient Egypt’s gateway to Africa, it is an ideal base from which to explore the temples, monuments and other tourist attractions of Upper Egypt’s southern tip and the distinctly different Nubian culture of the area.

From Hurghada to Aswan . you can see the closest city to the colossal temples of Ramesses II Abu Simbel , the temple on the island of Philah and the temple on the Nile at Kom Ombo, there are many things to do within a day trip distance.

Many tourists enjoy Hurghada to Aswan day trips because they want to discover Aswan by jumping aboard a felucca (traditional sailboat) and viewing the city from the watery highway that once made Aswan a major trading post.

It’s all incredibly photogenic, especially at sunset when hundreds of late-swimming feluccas swim into the water and the river shimmers in the setting sun. For avid photographers, Aswan is one of the best places to visit in Egypt to capture the classic scenery of the Nile.

Find out why Egypt’s southernmost city on the Nile River should be your choice when you think of Hurghada Tours . and let Red Sea World Travel take care of everything for you.bie.

Stary Kair + Piramidy z Hurghady
Quad safari popołudniu z Hurghada
Quad safari popołudniu z Hurghada
Quad safari popołudniu z Hurghada
Stary Kair + Piramidy z Hurghady
Stary Kair + Piramidy z Hurghady

Tours from Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam - Why?

Much more laid- back than any other Red Sea beach, Marsa Alam offers pristine marine life for scuba divers and an underwater world, European-style service, desert excursions and nearby Wadi El Gemal National Park. And of course there are also  dugongs .

Home to one of the world’s oldest ancient civilizations, Egypt is a mysterious and fascinating destination that should be on your itinerary . Pyramids , temples and tombs are just the beginning – Marsa Alam is also a beach bordering the Red Sea. Located on the western shore of the Red Sea, the city of Marsa Alam offers a less crowded alternative to Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada .

Not so long ago, Marsa Alam was a small fishing village whose only tourists were divers. However, in recent years it has become a promising European-style holiday resort. many tourists prefer Marsa Alam optional tours . one of the best cities of the Red Sea.

Largely thanks to its remote location, the underwater world of Marsa Alam is wilder and now less affected by tourism – a real paradise for divers and snorkelers .

Here! We at ( Red Sea World Travel ) invite you to take advantage of many of our Marsa Alam Optional Tours . We promise that you will be very satisfied and you will have unforgettable memories.

marsa alam
Marsa Alam Wycieczki fakultatywne - Abu Dabbab

Marsa Alam Optional excursions - Abu Dabbab A wonderful trip

When you think of optional excursions to Marsa Alam , one of the best excursions is a visit to Abu Dabbab . Abu Dabbab Beach is one of the most beautiful and famous white sand beaches in beautiful Marsa Alam . Abu Dabbab Beach is well known as Turtle Beach , as many sea turtles come every year to lay their eggs on the white sand of this beach.
Also, when mentioning Marsa Alam optional excursions , many tourists choose Abu Dabbab to see Dugongs and dive to see it in the clear waters of Marsa Alam in Abu Dabbab. where you can see the rich life of the marina around the corals while snorkeling.

Visit Abu Dabbab beach when you are thinking of Marsa Alam excursions and spend an unforgettable day at the beach with your loved ones.
You can count on us at Red Sea World Travel . because we have a lot of experience in all kinds of optional excursions , especially in Marsa Alam tours . Thanks to over 22 years of experience in the tourism industry, we provide you with a Polish-language tourist guide. and all kinds of high-quality food and services. We are always waiting for you and we are happy to serve you at the highest level.

Tours from Marsa Alam - What are the best tours?

If you want to choose tours from Marsa Alam , you should always think about tours to Cairo and Luxor .
These journeys will take you to another world of splendor and coexistence with a very ancient civilization. The pyramids will delight you with their great glory. You will enjoy taking the most beautiful photos with Sphinx. And don’t forget the great Nile and the Egyptian Museum, which includes the mummies of Egypt’s ancient kings and queens.

What about Old Cairo and Khan El Khalili? Most visitors who want to book tours from Marsa Alam see that tours to Cairo and Luxor are a time machine that transports them back to this stunning era while enjoying great popular meals, a beautiful warm atmosphere and fresh air.

And when we talk about Marsa Alam optional excursions , it is impossible not to mention the great city of Luxor , where you can see the temple of Karnak, the temple of Hatshepsut , the Valley of the Kings and many remnants of a seven-thousand-year-old civilization.

Marsa Alam’s location is strategic to Cairo and Luxor as it is believed to be close to both cities, and there is also a unified tour that combines Cairo and Luxor travel together. This trip is considered one of the best Tours from Marsa Alam .
At Red Sea World Travel , we have served many great guests and tourists by providing tours from Marsa Alam to Cairo and Luxor in one package.
We are always at your disposal when you choose tours from Marsa Alam.

Wycieczki z Marsa Alam - marsa alam

Optional Tours Marsa Alam - the southernmost part of Egypt (Aswan)

Aswan , located at the first cataract of the Nile, (nearly 343 km) south of Marsa Alam , is the southernmost city of Egypt and formed the boundary of the ancient city.
You can’t miss a great tour of Aswan when you are introduced to the Marsa Alam Optional Tours . Due to its location in southern Egypt at the first cataract of the Nile, the city of Aswan was strategically important throughout the country’s legendary history. Home to ancient Egypt , the quarries from which the world-famous pyramids were built, and the markets where gold, timber and spices were traded, it is undoubtedly a city with many stories to tell.
In addition to its fascinating history, Aswan remains a bustling commercial and tourist center to this day. One of the reasons for this is the famous Dams. which had a significant impact on the economic and cultural development of Egypt and which are often included in tours of the city’s sights. We always see that many of our wonderful guests and tourists want to take a trip to Aswan through the list of Tours from Marsa Alam .
Aswan is also the site of ancient quarries from which pyramids , statues and other monuments were made, and one of the highlights of any trip to the city is a visit to the Unfinished Obelisk, still partially attached to the rock from which it was built. carved 3,500 years ago. Same as trips from Marsa Alam to Cairo and Luxor , optional trips from Marsa Alam to Aswan are among the greatest trips, you can experience a wonderful rest, unforgettable memories and always cheerful atmosphere.
Welcome to Red Sea World Travel – Tours from Marsa Alam to Marvelous Aswan.

wycieczki Parasailing Hurghada
wycieczki Parasailing Hurghada
wycieczki Glass Boat Hurghada
wycieczki Glass Boat Hurghada
wycieczki Parasailing Hurghada
wycieczki Parasailing Hurghada

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