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hark Diving Experience in Hurghada: An Adventurous 7-Day Scuba Journey

Embark on the most thrilling and breathtaking adventure of shark diving in Hurghada! This completely safe and exhilarating tour promises to ignite your adrenaline like never before! 🔥🔥🔥💥

Join us for a 7-day private boat excursion led by expert scuba diving professionals. Welcome to our new and exciting shark diving trip in the mesmerizing waters of Hurghada’s Red Sea! 🎇

The anticipation builds as you find yourself in the presence of sharks in their natural habitat, a moment both thrilling and thought-provoking. You’ll never know exactly what to expect or how the sharks will interact with you.

Rest assured, we always inform divers that sharks are more afraid of us than we are of them!

As we emit air and create movement underwater, we unintentionally create noise, prompting the sharks to stay around us for only a brief moment before they retreat to the serenity of the deep waters.

During this 7-day boat trip, you’ll be treated to delightful food and beverages. On Fridays, the boat will remain docked all day, providing you with a fun-filled time of singing and savoring delicious meals until we set sail again on Saturday morning for an entire week of adventure, culminating in our return on Friday afternoon. The dives will take you to depths of 45 to 65 meters.

The direction of the trip is determined by the group’s preferences, with two options available:

  1. “South Trip for Professionals,” covering sites like Abu Ramada, Safaga, Abu Al-Kizan Brothers, Sunken Ferry Salem Express, and night procedures.
  2. “North Trip for Professionals,” encompassing Shadwan, Abu Nahas, the “SS Thistlegorm” wreck site, Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, Little Giftun, and opportunities for open water night diving.

Revel in the best 7 days aboard our boat, savoring delectable cuisine and beverages, while exploring the underwater world of Hurghada, Egypt, alongside experienced diving guides. You’ll have the chance to explore multiple diving locations, witnessing the most stunning dive spots and thrilling adventures in the Red Sea.

Prepare for an extraordinary underwater escapade, where you’ll encounter a world of wonder, from the rare Red Sea fish and vibrant coral reefs that define these waters, to exploring the sunken ferry “Salem Express” and the warship “SS Thistlegorm” resting on the seabed since World War II.

We offer an Intro Scuba Diving Hurghada Trip that includes transfers from your hotel in Hurghada, EL Gouna, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, and Sahl Hasheesh, as well as the Best Scuba Daily Diving experience for professional divers at Hurghada’s prime dive sites in the Red Sea.

Explore the marine life of the Red Sea, marvel at the colorful fish and stunning coral reefs with Red Sea World Travel Packages, and embark on thrilling shark swimming and snorkeling excursions, ranging from one-day trips to immersive 7-day boat journeys.

If you’re new to diving in Hurghada, Egypt, allow us to treat you to a luxurious full-week diving experience. Our expert divers will provide comprehensive instructions on diving techniques and the proper use of equipment, ensuring your confidence and safety throughout the journey, all at affordable prices and the highest quality of service. Choose Red Sea World Travel for the best diving trips in and from Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt.

And for those already holding a diving license, seeking the ultimate diving adventure in Hurghada, Egypt, look no further than Red Sea World Travel.

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Brothers & Daedalus & Elphinstone
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✓ Airport-boat-airport transfer (Transfer from/airport takes place at the outside gate of the airport, not from inside the airport)
✓ 8 days, 7 nights ((All stay times are on the boat from the time of transfer from the airport to the time of route and transfer to the airport after the end of the trip)
✓ Three meals a day, fruit and snacks (on the first day meals start with dinner and on the last day with breakfast)
✓ Beverages: coffee, tea, carbonated drinks (except alcohol)
✓ Diving guides
✓ Fees for the national park
✓ Port fee – (in case of starting or ending safari in Port Ghalib)

✓ Airline ticket
✓ Egyptian visa
✓ Crew tip (€50 per person)
✓ Guide tip (€10 per guide)
✓ 15L tanks (€5 per tank per Dive) week €75
✓ Nitrox (€5 per dive) week 75 €
✓ Additional meals outside the boat

✓ English guide
✓ German guide
✓ French guide
✓ Italian guide
✓ Polish guide

Questions and Answers about Shark Diving Tour

What are the requirements to join this Shark Diving tour?

You must have at least 50 logged dives and an Advanced Open Water Certification to participate in this tour. You also need to be comfortable with strong currents, deep dives and harsh conditions.

What are the highlights of each dive site?

The Brothers Islands are known for amazing wall dives, shark encounters and two historic wrecks: Aida and Numidia. Daedalus Reef is famous for its impressive walls, hammerhead sharks and huge hard corals. Elphinstone Reef is famous for its northern and southern plateaus, soft corals, and rare sightings of manta rays.

What are the diving conditions and challenges on this route?

Diving conditions on this tour may vary due to weather and currents. The water temperature can vary from 22°C to 30°C depending on the season. Visibility can range from 20 to 60 meters depending on the plankton. Currents can be strong and unpredictable, especially around islands and plateaus. On some dives, the maximum depth may exceed 100 meters.

What type of boat and what facilities are available on this tour?

The boat that is provided on this tour is a comfortable houseboat that is equipped with spacious cabins, air conditioning, bathroom, dining room, lounge, sun deck and diving deck. The boat also provides meals, snacks, drinks, towels, linens, bottles, weights, belts and nitrox (extra charge).

What is the best season for this trip and what is the water temperature?

The best season for this trip is from April to November when it is warm and dry and the water is clear. The water temperature can vary from 22°C to 30°C depending on the season.

How long is the tour and where does it start and end?

The trip lasts 8 days and starts and ends in Hurghada, a modern marina on the southern coast of Egypt. You will board a live boat that will take you to the dive sites and back.

What kind of sharks can I expect on this tour?

On this tour, you can expect to see hammerhead sharks, ocean sharks, thresher sharks, silkworms, reef sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, gray sharks, and whitetip reef sharks. However, shark sightings are not guaranteed and depend on the season and conditions.

What are the safety and precautions for this tour?

Safety measures and precautions on this tour include having a dive guide for each group of divers, having a surface marking buoy (SMB) for each diver, having a zodiac boat for each dive site, having a first aid kit and oxygen tank on board, having a telephone satellite and VHF radio for communication, having a decompression chamber nearby for emergencies, and adhering to a dive plan and no-decompression limits. (We offer all equipment)

How many dives does this tour include and what is the maximum depth?

The trip includes up to 17 dives in total. The maximum depth is 40 meters for recreational divers and more for technical divers (by prior arrangement).

How much does such a trip cost and what is included and what is excluded in the price?

The price of this tour depends on boat type, cabin type, departure date and availability. You can check prices online or contact us for more information. The price includes transfer on the route: airport - boat - airport, meals, snacks, drinks (except alcohol), diving services (except equipment rental). Diving guides (included) fees for the marine park (included). does not include: equipment rental (€25 per day), nitrox (€5 per cylinder), tips for the crew (€50 per person), tips for guides (€10 per guide). personal expenses (e.g. souvenirs or phone calls), travel insurance (recommended), diving insurance (mandatory). nie zawiera: wypożyczenie sprzętu (25€ za dzień), nitrox (5€ za butlę), napiwki dla załogi (50€ za osobę), napiwki dla przewodników (10€ za przewodnika). wydatki osobiste (np. pamiątki czy rozmowy telefoniczne), ubezpieczenie podróżne (zalecane), ubezpieczenie nurkowe (obowiązkowe).

Diving Safari Tours

There are many dive sites and destinations for live sea cruises in the Red Sea. You can choose any style of diving you like and a selection that suits your needs, such as adventure diving trips, a historic trip to shipwrecks or relaxing with pure underwater nature, corals and marine life.

We also have a special program for our valued customers. Where each group with a full number can set the program and route they want, because the boat will be private only for them and they set the goal of the seven-day trip.

Bracia & Daedalus & Elphinstone (BDE)

Brothers & Daedalus & Elphinstone (BDE)

This tour is the Holy Trinity of the Red Sea. BDE is a coastal national park and a must-visit for any keen diver.

Bracia & Daedalus & Elphinstone (BDE)

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Diving safari from Hurghada

In Hurghada, on the Red Sea in Egypt, you have the opportunity to dive at about 40 dive sites. From shallow sandy lagoons.

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Diving Safari - TOP of the North

Top of the North is our most frequent Safari route. It contains the most beautiful dive sites of the northern part of the Red Sea.

Brothers & Daedalus & Elphinstone

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Diving with sharks in the most beautiful and powerful Hurghada tour, completely safe the best tour...

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