Wycieczka do Doliny Królów z Hurghady
Glass Boat Hurghada
Glass Boat Hurghada

Glass Boat Hurghada: Explore the Marvels of the Underwater World with Red Sea World Travel

Welcome to Red Sea World Travel! Embark on an extraordinary journey aboard the Glass Boat in Hurghada and delve into the wonders of the underwater world. We invite you to experience a mesmerizing glass-bottom boat tour, where you’ll have the opportunity to observe the vibrant marine life of the Red Sea without getting wet. This article provides comprehensive information about our Glass Boat excursion in Hurghada, showcasing why our tour stands out as an exceptional choice for marine enthusiasts.

Glass Boat Hurghada: An Underwater Adventure

A Window to the Underwater World

Our Glass Boat tour offers you a unique chance to peer through the glass bottom of the boat, providing you with a captivating window to the colorful realm beneath the Red Sea. Witness a diverse array of marine creatures, including tropical fish, majestic rays, and fascinating coral formations, as they gracefully navigate their underwater habitat. This adventure ensures that you don’t miss out on the mesmerizing beauty of the Red Sea, even if you prefer to stay dry.

Captivating Marine Diversity

Prepare to be enchanted by the remarkable biodiversity of the Red Sea during your Glass Boat journey. As you sail over the coral reefs and crystal-clear waters, you’ll encounter an array of marine species that call this thriving ecosystem their home. Our experienced guides will point out the different fish and marine life, providing insightful commentary throughout the tour.

Comfort and Convenience

The Glass Boat is equipped with comfortable seating and large viewing windows, ensuring you have an uninterrupted view of the underwater spectacle. Sit back and relax as our skilled captain navigates the boat to prime locations, where you can marvel at the abundance of marine life beneath the surface.

Booking and Details

To join our Glass Boat excursion in Hurghada, simply book your spot through our website or contact us directly. Our tours are available at various times during the day, offering you the flexibility to choose the best time for your adventure.

Duration: The Glass Boat tour typically lasts around 1 to 2 hours.


  • Knowledgeable guides to enhance your marine experience
  • Comfortable and spacious glass-bottom boat
  • Unforgettable views of the underwater world

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing and footwear
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses for sun protection
  • Camera or binoculars to capture the marine life and breathtaking views


Red Sea World Travel promises an unforgettable Glass Boat adventure in Hurghada, where you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world without even getting wet. Immerse yourself in the marine diversity and enchanting sights of the Red Sea as you sail aboard our glass-bottom boat. With a focus on comfort, convenience, and providing an exceptional marine experience, our Glass Boat tour is the perfect choice for marine enthusiasts of all ages. Book your spot now and get ready for an underwater journey like no other in Hurghada, Egypt! We can’t wait to have you onboard.

More photos from the glass boat

Wycieczki w Marsa Alam
Wycieczka do Doliny Królów z Hurghady
Wycieczka do Doliny Królów z Hurghady
Wycieczka do Doliny Królów z Hurghady

✓ transfer from and to the hotel in Hurghada
✓ snorkeling equipment (mask, tube, fins)

✓ tips
✓ bar at the station
✓ photos/videos bought from the ship’s photographer
✓ drinks, chips, ice cream bought at the “water supermarket”
✓ transfer from El Gouna $9 per person, Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi Bay, Safaga and Soma Bay – $5 per person
✓ Sometimes we sail from Makadi and Safaga, but then the price of the trip is also $20 per adult, half for children aged 6-12

✓ towels (if you will be entering the water)
✓ camera
✓ sunblock
✓ headgear
✓ own snorkeling equipment
✓ in winter (November to March) it is worth taking a warm sweatshirt, preferably with a hood
✓ in winter you can bring your own wetsuit for snorkeling
✓ no having to take a passport

Questions and answers about the glass boat cruise

What is the price of the Glass Boat Hurghada tour for children?

Children up to 6 years old go on the trip for free. Children between 6 and 12 years old pay half price.

Which port does the glass boat depart from?

The glass boat departs from New Marina, located in Sakala (the center of Hurghada), near the El Mina mosque and the fish market.

Are there any hidden costs on the tour?

Apart from the items included in the "Additionally paid" list, there are no additional costs on the trip.

What time is the departure/return from the hotel?

We usually pick up the glass boat from hotels in Hurghada between 9 and 10 am. The return from the cruise is around 13:15-14. After providing the hotel, we will confirm the exact time of departure.

When and to whom should we pay for the trip?

Payment is made during the tour.

What days does the tour take place?

The Glass Boat departs daily.

Can you really see the coral reef and exotic fish on this cruise?

Of course! The ship sails to the place where the reef is located and drifts there for some time. The underwater life windows are quite large so you can easily see the fish and the reef.

Can I pay for the trip with a different currency / card / bank transfer?

We accept payments in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Egyptian Pounds. We convert the tour price at the current exchange rate and round to the nearest Euro, British Pound or Five Egyptian Pounds. We do not accept card payments.

How do I know the bus/coach that will pick me up?

The person coming for you has your room number and should give it first. If you have trouble understanding your room number, we will show it to you over the phone.

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