Prices of optional trips

Enjoy our tours from Hurghada and Marsa Alam at unbeatable prices.

Children up to 12 years old pay half, and children up to 6 years old go on a trip for free

Hurghada - Optional trips

Private Speedboat from Hurghada $99
4 hours Private speedboat in Hurghada $65
Paradise Island with Diving $40
Paradise Island VIP (barbecue on the boat with chicken and meat) $30
Orange Bay Island with Diving $40
Orange bay Island VIP (barbecue on a boat with chicken and meat) $30
Paradise Island or Orange Island plus Parasailing $50
VIP Dolphin House (barbecue on a boat with chicken and meat) $25
Dolphin Show $25
Swimming with Dolphins 5 minutes 50$
Swimming with dolphins 10 minutes 60$
Sharm El Naga $40
Abu Dabbab from Hurghada $50
Parasailing 1 person $15
Parasailing two people $25
Glass Boat $15
Sightseeing Hurghada - City Tour 15$
Sindbad submarine Hurghada $45
Horseback riding in Hurghada (1 hour) 20$
Horseback riding in Hurghada (2 hours) 30$
Cleopatra VIP $25
Private Quad Safari in the morning $20
Private Quad Safari afternoon $25
Super Safari (Mega Safari) $25
Cairo from Hurghada $45
Luxor with Valley of the Kings from Hurghada 50$
Aswan Abu Simbel 2 days from Hurghada $260
Shark Diving 1 Day + Abu Dabbab Trip From Hurghada to Marsa Alam 90$
Diving with Sharks 1 day Trip $200
Diving with Sharks (7 days boat trip) 1050€
Brothers & Daedalus & Elphinstone (BDE) €1050
Fury Shoals Diving Safari Tour 1050€
Diving Safari Egypt - ST. John's €1050
Diving Sea safari from Hurghada 1050€
Diving Safari - TOP of the North 1050€

Marsa Alam - Optional excursions

Luxor from Marsa Alam $70
Cairo from Marsa Alam 75$
Mars Mubarak $25
Hamata Islands $40
Sataya - Dolphin Reef $45
Diving in Marsa Alam 50$
Single quad safari $25
Double quad safari $32
Super Safari $35
Camel Valley $50
Luxor with the Valley of the Kings, overnight stay, balloon flight 200$
Aswan Abu Simbel 2 days from Marsa Alam $330

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